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 La Santaria de Sonora

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Doeidoei @ Dapper, A'dam


Getting my friends

drunk @ post galleria, Kaunas


Beam club @ Paleis van

mieris, A'dam


New year, New me @

Worm, R'dam


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N0kia's tagline

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Turn left on supernova

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Practice makes perfect/  No regrets




Journey of the lost soul


Path of the flamin sword


New Fabula








Talismagix // 2019

I Play in a field of belief and desire, wander where the sacral and secular meet and myth is created by commercial culture and in the religious realm. Focussing on the expression and materialisation of universal ideals, fears and hopes, caught in image and object. Wherein Symbols and narratives are embodied by idols and icons, shaped by locality and cliches.